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AMENITIES: Kids Swimming Pool

At Hottley, we understand the importance of creating a family-friendly environment, and that’s why we are delighted to offer a dedicated kids’ swimming pool, providing a safe and enjoyable space for our younger guests.

Our kid’s swimming pool is thoughtfully designed with the safety and enjoyment of children in mind. Shallow depths and engaging features make it an ideal place for kids to splash around and have fun under the supervision of attentive guardians.

Surrounded by vibrant and playful aesthetics, the kid swimming pool adds an extra dimension of excitement to your family stay at Hottley. Whether it’s a sunny afternoon of water play or a refreshing dip after a day of exploring Goa, our kids’ pool is the perfect spot for young ones to make memories and enjoy the water in a secure environment.

At Hottley, we believe in catering to the diverse needs of our guests, and the inclusion of a kids’ swimming pool is a testament to our commitment to family-friendly hospitality. It’s not just about accommodation; it’s about creating an experience where every member of the family, including the little ones, can find joy and relaxation.

Step into a world where family fun is a priority, and our kids’ swimming pool adds a splash of delight to your stay at Hottley in the beautiful coastal paradise of Goa.


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